I Couldn't Cry

My eyes are dry,
I haven't cried
I haven't cried for many months
Two months of crying for my baby Brandy
From the day we were told on my birthday and
Two months and more until she died
I cried and cried
We got a call soon after that
Daddy was in the hospital
We hurried by his side
And I cried and cried
I tried to hide it from him
But I cried and cried
He saw me crying one night
When I thought he was asleep
He got upset and his heart was racing
I tried to stop as hard as I could
He said," I love you baby"
And I cried and cried
My eyes were burning but it didn't matter
I cried and cried
And them I got a call
On December 24th
Daddy is Dead
And I cried and cried
Cried for my daddy who was supposed to stay
Cried for me no more parents from that day
Golden tears for my daddy mixed with silver from Brandy
Yes I cried and cried
Then I came upon a place with a rainbow
A place where people care
and I stopped crying
I started helping others who had come to there in pain
I felt for them and shed some tears
But I really didn't cry
My daughter,Stacey's, fur baby was dying
I loved Pandora she was like my own
She was also the Mommy of Spartacus
A giant puppy with a big heart
She needed help going to Rainbow Bridge
I couldn't go that day
Stacey and my husband went alone
They sent her on her way
I was teary- I was very sad
But I didn't really cry
For five months
We made excuse after excuse
for why we couldn't bury them
But the day finally came
When we had to go
Our babies would finally be set free
We went to the Pet Cemetery
Saw them laying side by side
I saw a tear run down Stacey's cheek
I held her and told her that she had done well
But somehow I didn't cry
I was petting my Brandy and holding her close
Her fur was so soft and she looked as if sleeping
Then a man came up and sealed her coffin
I wanted to yell at him," Stop! This one is coming with me!
I'm not ready please -I'm not through"
But they lowered them into the cold ground
and shoveled dirt till we could see them no more
But I didn't cry
We left and I felt empty
Like something was terribly wrong
I had just buried two beloved babies
And I wasn't crying
Soon after my daddy died
I met a man called Lobo Wolf
He is a wise all seeing man
Who said that you will be Carewolf my daughter
and that I could call him Daddy.
He took away my pain.
He showed me how to walk the path
From the dark into the shining light
He told me there are waves of sorrow
I guess I didn't hear him in my heart
That evening he sent me poems
They were beautiful but at first I missed the meaning
I read them again in the stillness of the night
And I was crying
I was crying and crying
A sea of tears wouldn't compare
My eyes were burning like hot stingers
I remembered the feeling
The feeling of crying when your heart washes away.
And your soul is left alone to wander.

Pooky the Silver Wolf

You saw your Daddy crying silver tears
It hurt you to the core
You saw many others were hurting
You knew that you must do more
That's when you formed the Wolfpack
With your Daddy by your side
You said, "I will care for the furbabies-
You're in charge of their parents that cried"
Like an eagle you soared the world
Gathering souls from far and near
Many had given up hope for grief
You taught them not to fear .
Your wolfpack was given an awesome job
With Daddy's help they were charged with fixing hearts.
He would tear a piece of his to mend
and thus give them all new starts
He led those who were in darkness
Down the path to shining light
All he asked for this was friendship
The same that he freely gave
Maybe some hugs and kisses
From the ones that he had saved
Giving has cost him plenty
Did he do it for personal gain?
If you think that this is true
Than you had better think again
Yes Lobo gave his heart
There were some with knives to pierce
Then he offered up his soul
and anger made you fierce
Did you give up on your Wolfpack
Did you fly away to the sky? No instead you said,"Shed no tear for me.
The Wolfpack and its glory
Will forever be."
For what was done and tied with silver cord
Forever can't be broken
Some may come and some must go
For Pooky the Silver Wolf has spoken.

Love and Blessings, Carewolf { Carol }



One day Past Forever
Just stay with us that long
And comfort and protect us
As we listen to your song

You know that we love you
and will always be true
We'll walk the path together
So please now don't be blue

There are many tomorrow's left
Many more words to say
No more lonely Lobowolf
will walk alone this day

There are many roads left to travel
As we go from dark to light
hand in hand we'll walk as one
No lone wolf will howl tonight

No Lone wolf will howl tonight.

Thank you again for coming back to the den tonight we again felt that special high of feelings of souls entwined together -a special bond a special pledge to love and protect each other and keep them close tonight. yes the girls who call you Daddy don't ask for much just a small piece Of your heart and soul and we give you ours in return. We don't have to ask what page you're on we somehow know this and are there -and daddy that violent storm with lightning Thunder and hale(hail) only lasted those few moments-could there be a better sign from above? I think a dog named Poky(Pooky) was yelling at you tonight. He said daddy cut that out -I gave you my unconditional love and you gave me back in same. I want you to be as happy as I am tending all these babies at the bridge I want you to be happy do not grieve for me or feel guilt. Instead celebrate my life and speak of the happy times-this is how I want it Daddy-and this is what I ask please celebrate my life by telling all who ask-that I am your special friend at the bridge who guards this group of babies growing larger by the day. My sister (ShiShi) is here with me and we are guarding all the babies Daddy we'll make you proud. Daddy please help. The broken hearts down there as we take care of their babies we treat them well. We even have a Little patch of snow up here so all the snow dogs are happy too. Tell Carewolf not to worry Brandy is Playing in the snow -oops she threw a snowball at me she wants me to come and play. We take and protect the babies who look down and see the thunder and the lightening and are scared. We take them to our special den and cuddle with them all night. yes I'm happy here daddy so please shed no more tears except for happy. I'm watching and it makes me sad to see you Grieve. Give a special hug to Brittany.Tell her (Pandora) and (Loki) they are laying in a Sunny place. Have to go dad, these dang babies are pelting me with snowballs and I want to show them who is boss.