I love you mommy
The ghost of my little white dog Is everywhere I look.
When I come home from being out, When I sit down to read a book.
While I'm watching TV She's sitting next to me.
In all the places we used to go I find Constant reminders of her furry little face
Poking round a corner or out from behind A piece of furniture someplace.
I am so sad, this isn't right That she is gone from this life.
She was so good and loving she did not deserve the pain. We loved her so right to the end.
We had to let her go, our little white friend. I wish she could come back to us again.

February 2, 1991-August 12, 2003

Oh where, Oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where, Oh where can she be? There's a hole in my heart Where she frolicked and played I loved her so much And I know she loved me I wish she had stayed Oh, Lord how I prayed Oh where, Oh where can she be? Oh where, Oh where do the little dogs go? Oh where, Oh where can they be? When their time here is done And they leave us alone I just want to know Where it is that they go Why? Where? Are they happier there? Oh where, Oh where can they be?

My beautiful Sugar. How sweet are my memories of you. I remember the day I fell in love with you, had to have you. I had just beaten the evil Beast, Cancer, the 2nd time. Daddy couldn’t say “No”, even though it was a lot of money. What a priceless treasure you turned out to be!! Born on Groundhog Day, you were. Little groundhogs, beware! True to your breed, anything that moved in the yard was game. Rabbits, squirrels, mice, snakes, bugs. You killed them all! So fast you were! You even took on a Mama raccoon when we lived in Oregon! She was lucky—I caught you in time. Then there was the big kitty next door—Buddha—the only animal I ever saw you run from!! That was one mean kitty, and he had your number. I remember how we found out that you loved veggies, when you stole your first tomato from the garden next door. But your all-time favorite food was bananas. The law in the house –“when eating a banana, you MUST share it with Sugar!” We called this ‘paying the Sugar tax’. How I wish I could share a banana with you again! How I miss your furry little face, waiting for your share when I chop onions and green peppers. We had to take our first vacation without you this year. How you loved to travel, sitting on my lap all the way, charming all the people at the Rest Areas and Campgrounds. It was awful to go without you. I felt like I’d forgotten something important the whole time we were gone. Now there’s no one to play the ‘dog-chase game’ with when I come home. No one to sit beside me on the sofa at night when I watch TV or read. No one to sneak into bed with me on nights when Daddy has to work late. No one to snuggle with in the morning after Daddy leaves for work. If love could have kept you here, you would have lived to be at least 100. You stole the heart of everyone you met. I miss you, my Sweet Baby Sugar. You will forever be the First Dog of my Heart.

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