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Welcome To Our Wolf Den

This page is to honor the Circle of Wolves, The Petloss.com Wolfpack and those Wolves to be. We are here to pay tribute and to honor those with hurting hearts as they feel the great torture of loss. One day we hope to help you all feel better although we know that you will feel The Waves Of Sorrow at times throughout your life. We care. We do not try to be exclusive for at times all of you help to help us also as we too feel the Waves of Sorrow hit us due to thoughts of the loving and loved Soulmates we have lost. I LoboWolf, am writing this and making pages of tribute along with MagicWolf and Maman Loup. Please, anytime anyone wishes to join and help others, it would be our honor for you to become one with a wolfname also. There is a short wolf ceremony we do in fun to hope get a smile out of others. The only thing that is asked in return is that you promise to come to petloss.com and help others when you can squeeze in the time in your busy schedule. Tyvm for reading this.

My name is Don aka Lobo to all of you. I work in a casino in Laughlin, NV. I am a graveyard slot shift manager. Our reasons for building this web page are simple. We care for those who hurt. We wish only to honor your fur/feather/other babies so you may have a page to visit when you feel the Waves of Sorrow. The only thing we ask in return for this, is that you may one day return to help others.

Whispering howl of the SargieWolf: OoOo

Again, welcome to the Petloss.com Wolf Home Page

We hope to be of some small help to those who grieve as deeply as we do over the loss of a beloved furbaby, a feathered one or a scaley one. We will try to keep links updated. It would be our pleasure to do pages of Tribute for you and your soulmate, the one you have loved and lost. Please feel free to let us know.

We are fierce and we are proud
Sharing our sorrow, we sing aloud.
Standing together we shall not fall
For it's "All for one and One for all".
We honor our Father, the Healer,
He is our leader; We look to him.
With his She-wolf by his side
He tends the Pack Pages,
Displays our pride.
Those who seek us shall always find
We stand ready to heed the call,
To care, to listen, and be a friend.
To share our space and time
And tell our tales of loss and woe
So that others may also know
That to share their burden
Will lighten their load.
But listen well friend, and beware
For we will not suffer fools gladly
Our leader, our Healer,
We will defend to the bitter end
If you should try to use him badly.
Brothers and sisters are we all
For it's "All for one, and One for all"!

written by Peg R. aka SugarWolf 10/31/2003

Make sure to also visit:

The WolfPack Message Board


Update: you can now email us at Contact Us Page.