An Assignment From God

Because God was very busy
A man with many things to do.
He needed someone for a special assignment
He needed someone to take care of you.

I was the only one to answer his call.
He said "But Dog you are so small,
And this job is a big burden to bear."
I woofed and wagged my tail, I did not care

"When she is blue and feeling down
I want you to be her personal clown."
"When she is crying, her heart broken
I want you to help mend it without a word spoken"

You will be required to protect her day and night
And guard her without an ounce of fright.
But not all your tasks will be so bad.
You will also be with her when times are glad.

Now that you know what you will be required to do
And all the things that will be asked of you
Would take the assignment still
And I answered "Yes, My Lord, I Will"

A little cowpupper awoke every morning and went in search of loved ones,
for she loved very many, the cowgirl, the cowboys, the cows themselves.
She watched the hands who rode the river, milk the dairy herd. then went down
to the pens to say good morning to the other cows. Perhaps she had her breakfast first
but no matter she thought, she could eat later after she made sure all was well.
She helped the hands herd the cows was more important to her.
Then came that fatal day, a mighty roar was heard and life on this plane was never more
The cowboys laid to rest that day a loving and gentle soul, and before the cowgirl could see.
They felt they did not want the cowgirl to see the mangled and bloody love cast before her loving eyes.

papa lobo agrees with the cowboys, and so this page as she remembers she.



Shadows Cannot Hide

Fleeting shadows cross your face, I see pain etched quickly there.
You hide it well with the wall time helped erect.
As I watch gentle winds caress your hair,
while you sit in silent retrospect.

Fleeting shadows in the night betrayed
By the rays from the moon above.
Do you wonder just what might have been
If you had found a sooner love.

Do you wonder at the gentle love
That in your later years did spring
I wonder at the life you’ve had
As I see the hurt within.

I sense the years falling back
The blurry shadows cannot hide
What I see buried deep inside
Through the windows of your eyes

The shadows cannot hide from me
The pain that lingers there
At the thought of lost love so fine
As her with the Golden hair.