There were many tears shed for you,
Of that please have no doubt.
When the angels came and took you,
As you fought your final bout.

You just could not beat the monsters,
That you fought all your life.
God finally gave his call for you,
As you fought that final fight.

Three pain filled sets of tears fell,
While you lay there silently.
From the eyes that could be there,
Your Mommy, Dr. Pammy and me.

I wonder did you feel them fall,
On your pretty red red fur.
You were mommyís precious angel,
And daddies little blue eyed girl.

Please know little precious shishi,
Our tears did not fall alone.
For many many others felt,
To them also did you belong.

You heard my gently whispered words,
That your ears only could hear.
As I told you of the love shared,
While there dropped one lonely tear.

We saw your eyes rolled up to mommy,
Standing by your side above.
They seemed to plead with her,
Mommy please give me one more love.
I want one more hug and a final word,
From the precious one who loved me.
Before the Angels take me away,
And the monsters set me free.

So travel on your special Sojourn,
We hope you know youíre not alone.
Parts of other hearts went with you,
The day the Angels took you home.

by Daddy LoboWolf
& Mommy Shewolf


The Sequel To ShiShi

Hot stingers fill my eyes,
Putting tears upon my cheeks.
And glasses stained so badly,
That I can scarcely see.

I pen these words of love,
For a special one so dear.
Who fought with epilepsy,
And yet brought love and cheer.

You looked so helpless lying there,
Little precious blue eyed girl.
There were tears like blood red raindrops,
Glistening on your pretty red fur,

When others learned the angels came,
To take you to your well earned peace.
Words of comfort seemed to flow,
Like raindrops from the eaves.

From the angels who helped guard you,
Through out your valiant fight.
And all of petloss who love you,
And help speed you on your flight.

Yes precious blue eyed ShiShi,
For you were teardrops shed.
From the ones we know who care,
All across the worldwide web.

Many hearts they cared for you,
As you fought the whackadoos.
To many eyes the stingers came,
When the angels came for you.

by Daddy LoboWolf
& Mommy SheWolf

A Wind Called Peace

Ebbing tides of sorrow break,
Over those who will seek but ease.
The hearts and souls and minds that ache,
Waiting for the wind called peace.

The love that came from up above,
Was sent with them to us to teach.
Mission complete, took back his loves,
Now we wait for the wind of peace.

They brought His word to us to learn,
Now they fly on wings of iridescent hue,
A silverwolf was sent to me,
Who now flies with wings of blue.

So learn you well the word of love,
Even tho when gone you feel no ease.
When he takes them back above,
And leaves you searching for the wind called peace.

Written by:
LoboWolf aka Don 10/02/2003

Dreams of Silver

I saw the Silver Lining, but it did not see me
It must have been because I stood behind the old Oak tree

I saw the Silver Lining, stretched out across the sky
I thought that I could touch it, if only I could fly

I saw a Silver Cord, descending from a cloud
The secret of its origin wrapped in a silent shroud

I saw a Silver Cord that reached out to the land
I closed my eyes and hoped that I could feel it in my hand

I heard the Silver Bells, they echoed through my mind
They seemed to draw me closer, yet kept me just behind

I heard the Silver Bells, ringing loud and true and clear
The melody so familiar, but still foreign to my ear

I saw a Silver Wolf, standing strong and tall and bold
His coat held Silver Tear drops, some new and some were old

I saw a Silver Wolf and he whispered through the trees
"Any time you need to find me, just listen to the breeze"

SpookyWolf aka Dianne10-29-02

The Garden Angel

In the corner of the garden
in the quiet of the soft place of solitude
where the weary soul can find rest
the restless soul can find peace
and the sad soul can find joy
dwells the garden angel.

One cloudy day while resting there I asked
how did an angel come to here reside?
I came to be here to share times when you are happy,
to watch over you in times of trial
and protect you in times of trouble.

Your heavenly father did not intend you should face difficulties alone
or lack someone to share either large or small joys.
I keep this place, that it may always be a shelter,
that it may always be calm and beautiful,
and that you may never have to face this world alone.

© Candace

Forever Mamanís


Dear Maman, Do Not Grieve For Me
Weíre Still As Close As Two Could Be

The Furry Form That Made You Sing
Is Now A Spirit And Soul With Wings

That Fateful Day I Had To Go
You Had To Stay, It Hurts, I Know

The Signs For You Are All Around
They Come Through Touch, Sight, And Sound

The Orange Of The Sun, The Green Of The Tree
Let These Wonders Bring Thoughts Of Me

The Cord Of Love That Binds Us Tight
Is Wrapped Around Your Heart Tonight

Iím By Your Side Where Ever You Go
Iím Not Bound By Earthly Rules, You Know

I Share Your Laughter, Tears, And Joy
Iíll Always Be Mamanís Little Boy

Close Your Eyes, Breath In The Air
With Every Breath, Know I Am There

With Love for you Maman,



As Sorrow Grips My Desperate Hand
The Flood Comes Back Across The Land
Drowning Breath From A Damaged Soul
It Drags My Hopes In To The Hole

The Road Beneath Has Washed Away
An Unforgiving Sun Blinds My Way
So I Drift Along A Forgotten Field
Without Hope, My Protective Shield

Her Soothing Voice Ignores My Ears
A Solitary Tear Confirms My Fears
My Reflection Can Not Mask Disdain
My Eyes No Longer Can Conceal The Pain

My Heart Has Lost The Will To Fight
I Glower At The Scornful Light
My Sight Is Saved By The One
Her Wondrous Shadow On The Sun

(Written for Spooky on the 9 month anniversary
of her journey to Rainbow Bridge)
by Mommy SpookyWolfe

Pooky the Silver Wolf

You saw your Daddy crying siver tears
It hurt you to the core
You saw many others were hurting
You knew that you must do more
That's when you formed the Wolfpack
With your Daddy by your side
You said, "I will care for the furbabies-
You're in charge of their parents that cried"
Like an eagle you soared the world
Gathering souls from far and near
Many had given up hope for grief
You taught them not to fear.
Your wolfpack was given an awesome job
With Daddy's help they were charged with fixing hearts.
He would tear a piece of his to mend
and thus give them all new starts
He led those who were in darkness
Down the path to shining light
All he asked for this was friendship
The same that he freely gave
Maybe some hugs and kisses
From the ones that he had saved
Giving has cost him plenty
Did he do it for personal gain?
If you think that this is true
Than you had better think again
Yes Lobo gave his heart
There were some with knives to pierce
Then he offered up his soul
and anger made you fierce
Did you give up on your Wolfpack
Did you fly away to the sky? No instead you said,"Shed no tear for me.
The Wolfpack and its glory
Will forever be."
For what was done and tied with silver cord
Forever can't be broken
Some may come and some must go
For Pooky the Silver Wolf has spoken.
Love and Blessings,
Carewolf { Carol }

I Will Still Be Near

I will still be near
you hold me in your heart
You hold me in your soul
We never really part

I am the star
that you will see shine
The last light to leave
You know will be mine

I'm with you
When you tell our story
I'm with you
In all my glory

I am the whispering wind
I call from across the sky
Reach out to touch me
I did not really die

I live on in your heart
When dreams have ended
I'm with you forever
Time will be transcended

I look down and watch you
In my eyes you did no wrong
I will always love you
I listen for your song

I love you forever and one day more
Until we meet again
At the Rainbow Bridge

Inspired by Donneyhill McGoo
Shezam Love-Mr. Mutzy-and Miss Brandy

They Never Leave Alone

Soft eyes glowing kindly, "It's time little one.
I've come to watch over your steps coming home.
You've done what you should and done it all well,
and you won't have to travel this path on your own."

"But it cannot be time - No, I'm not ready,
I still have so much love left to give!
And Momma's heart's breaking, how can I go?"
"It's never "done" no matter how long you live.

But the path doesn't end, it just turns past your sight,
And once traveled - you can still visit and care.
And then you can comfort and offer her light,
And though she can't see you, she'll know that you're there."

"But momma's heart's breaking - how can I go?
How can I leave and cause her such pain?"
"Because little angel, your job here is done.
Just know that one day you will see her again."
© Candace
May a warm breeze keep the fabric
of your tapestry in it's embrace.
Ghattenwolf / Rhonda



Born On A Wild And Sunny Spring Day
She's Happiness, Come What May
A Tiny Piece Of Fluff And Love
The Whole World Is Her Stage

In The House, Now Made A Home
Our Souls Redeemed Have Ceased To Roam
An Open Door Spills Heaven's Light
To Shine On Paw -In-Palm

Too Soon For Us She Stands With Poise
Her Tail Held High Without A Noise
No Backward Glance To Change Her Path
At The Doorway Bathed In Gold

The Portal Shuts And Steals The Light
Sorrow Strikes It's Bitter, Painful Bite
No Chance, No Choice, We're Left Behind
Bereft, On Wounded Knees

Sand Falls Slow To Fill Our Eyes
Lonely Rooms Echo Our Cries
Savage Tears Scorch Our Cheek
As Bruised Hands Clench At Empty Space

Our Souls Yields To The Cruel Goodbye
Then New Light Flows From Darkened Sky
The Wall Reflects A Mighty Shadow
And We Know She's Never Left Our Side

(Written for Chet and Colleen in memory of Belle)
by SpookyWolfe aka Dianne

A Promise Is Forever


Where Do You Think Iíve Gone
Do You Think I Went Away?
I Promised I Would Love You
I've Kept It Everyday

The Place That I Am Now
Is The Place I Was Before
Iíve Been With You Forever
Always, And One Day More

Now, Can You Dare To Trust
That The Words I Speak Are True?
The Answer Is Not Difficult
The Truth Begins With You

Go Back In Your Mind
Many Years Before My Birth
Think On It For A Moment
And Soon Youíll See It Worth

Remember A Magical Time
When You Laughed Until You Cried
Catch That Precious Moment
Youíll Feel Me By Your Side

Since The Day That Time Began
You And I Have Been Together
Life Or Death Canít Change That
A Promise Is Forever

SpookyWolfe aka Diane

TroubleSSSS Up Ahead

Across The River And Past The Sea
Is A Promised Land That's Trouble Free
But Through The Mist And Frosty Air
You'll find that "TroubleSSSS" Will Be There

A Midnight Silken Glossy Coat
A Splash Of White Upon Her Throat
Her Eyes A Startling Shade Of Blue
That Touch Your Soul And See Right Through

She Sits Upon Her Bed Of Grass
And Welcomes All The Pets Who've Past
She Shows Them Heartache, Pain, And Strife
Are Not A Part Of This New Life

"Fear Not New Friends" She Says With Glee
"The Only 'TroubleSSSS' Here Is Me
Go Run And Jump And Eat And Play
For Us It Is A Glorious Day

As For The Ones We Left Behind
It Is Up To Them The Truth To Find
They'll Know We're Never Far Apart
If They Stop To Listen With Their Heart"

By SpookyWolfe aka Dianne-11-19-02

The Answer to WHY

Scalding torrent acid tears scorch my tired eyes
Red rimmed, blood shot, and burning, turned up to the quiet sky
Black blood filled with hurt and anger courses through my veins
Fueled by a heart thatís so familiar with such loss and pain
Searching the midnight sky for answers left by day
Happiness and comfort are strangers to my lifeís way
Wondering and wandering about a world thatís so unkind
Waiting for foolish answers to the questions in my mind
Why this one? Why her? There are so many others to take!
This one is so special, who dares decide her fate?
Why couldnít she stay longer to easy my troubled life?
The loss of this oneís little soul cuts deeper than a knife
No one else is good enough to keep her safe and warm
Who else could be trusted to save her from the storm?
My love for her is stronger than any otherís could be
Why do I have to suffer? She belongs right here with me!
Thou reeling with the loss of one so vital to my days
I wear my scar so secretly and drift through lifeís great maze
Passing minutes turn to hours to mark my time alone
Then lightening streaks across the room to touch my heart of stone
The answers come so violently like a hammer to my chest
Me, who had the nerve to think that I would know whatís best
The sky opened up itís eyes with a great torrent of rain
The silent voice wrapped in thunder said ďďI know your painĒĒ
ďďI asked those questions too, before I sent her soul to youĒĒ

SpookyWolfe aka Dianneó6/16/02

A Spooky Feeling

When a breeze brushes your cheek
And the night is still and meek
Itís Spooky
When the air is still and light
Yet you wake up with a fright
Itís Spooky
When the world is still and poised
But you swore you heard a noise
Itís Spooky
When you canít escape the ache
And your hearts about to break
Itís Spooky
When youíve reached your witís end
By the loss of your best friend
Itís Spooky
When you hear 4 little feet
But you swear you are asleep
Itís Spooky
When youíre crying out in vain
Because youíre heavy with the pain
Itís Spooky
When youíre missing half your soul
And you life is just not whole
Itís Spooky
When youíre wishing for the end
Then the breeze comes by again
Itís Spooky.
When a breeze brushes your hair
But only stillness fills the air
Itís Spooky!

SpookyWolfe aka Dianneó6/16/02

The Huntress of Heart

A Feline Mistress Of Stealth And Grace
Yet Never To Proud To Lick My Face
She Ruled Her World And Mine As Well
With So Many Secrets That She'll Never Tell
Beautiful Cleo, The Empress Of The House
A Huntress Collecting The Heart And The Mouse
She Burst Into Life With A Purr And A Grin
Yet Coy With The Laughter That Left Me With Chagrin
My Loving Little Cleo, How You Make My Heart Sing
You Captured My Life And You Gave It Wings

1-17-03 Written For Carol In Memory Of Her Dear Cleo


Your present is not in a box
There's no paper, no ribbon, a paradox
My gift to you was not my life
It is the world so big and rife
Open your mind and you shall receive
The greatest gift that I could leave
I am not the bird, I am the flight
I am not the sun, I am the light
I am not the tear, I am the rain
I am not the harvest, I am the grain
I am not the flame, I am the glow
I'm not the river, I am the flow
I am not a smile, I am the bliss
I am not the touch, I am the kiss
I am not the moon, I am the night
I am not your eyes, I am your sight
On Christmas morn the gift is there
All you have to do is be aware

12-24-02 SpookyWolfe

My Heart with the Golden Hair

In the blink of a sleepy eye, you caught mine, and ran off with my heart.
I raced after you into your world as if you were the horse and I the cart!
You showed me the value of squeaky toys versus things that like to fray,
Through exasperation and inspiration, I love you more with each passing day.
From puppy breath to doggy drool, you greet me with such glee.
You smile and grin from ear to ear, and your kisses set me free.
With all the wonder in this world, I wonder even more,
ďHow did I ever manage without your fuzzy face before?Ē
You laugh with me, sing with me, and listen with great intent.
I donít know where the time has gone, but itís been happily spent!
On frisky walks we stop and talk to others passing by,
We are quite silly and not so well trained, but my heart swells up with pride.
You with us, through thick and thin, how can I repay the joy you bring to me?
Neither a pat nor hug could articulate my love, as your head rests upon my knee.
With a sleepy sound, you turn around and curl up beside my chair,
I want you with me forevermore; you are my heart with the Golden hair.

By Lori Cacciatore